I LOVE THIS GAME, THE SUPPORT IS A LIABILITY! Fellow managers contribute.......



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    FTB Team

    @Roberto -

    First of all, we want to clarify that testing the game is not the job of the Support team. Testing the game is the job of the QA team. The Support team is supposed to provide assistance to questions, doubts and technical issues users are experiencing in the games. We've explained this to you numerous times and the amount of posts you're writing, talking poorly about our staff have been increasing significantly over the past months and we've let it go on for too long. We will not accept this behavior from any user in the forum.

    We understand that you do not want to receive late responses. Unfortunately, when there's a response outside of our working hours, we cannot reply until we are back in the office. Also, we have many more tasks than responding in the forum. We also have different platforms that we must manage which also require time and, if there are multiple issues in the different games, it can take us a bit longer than normal to reply, but you know that we always reply and we always help in the best way possible when we're able to.

    Again, we understand your frustration, but we also ask for more respect and a little more understanding. There are moments when we have more work than usual, and there is nothing we can do but keep doing the best we can.

    The FTB Team

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