renewal contracts system in world of fame planet: the ultimate money sink




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    Hello, I agree with you in 100% how not to deal with this game, let it end, and not just make people shopping for real money. And worst of all, they absorb our precious time. This game is so annoying that only love for basketball makes me play in it. I hope that the promised changes will come and the mass of errors that you have to deal with in this game will also be repaired. Best wishes and good luck.

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    FTB Team

    Hi @Roberto and @Marciniuniu232323 -- We understand your concerns and we've already responded to these comments in a different post. If possible, please kindly keep all comments about the same issue together so that we can avoid responding multiple times to the same issue.

    As we mentioned in the previous message, we're looking into ways to improve this. Not all improvements can be done immediately, but we're doing the best we can to take all of your concerns and suggestions into account. Thanks for your understanding.

    The FTB Team

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