losing to weak teams (4times in a row)




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    FTB Team

    Hi @Cristi B,

    Can you please send me your User ID and confirm the name of the game so that I can check into this for you?
    Also, for any technical issues, please kindly send them in our "Bugs & Technical Issues" thread so that we can keep the forum as organized as possible.

    - Brino

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    Cristi B

    Hello Brino

    ID: 1:102979
    Fantasy Manager Soccer 2018 

    Also I lost three more games after I posted, same thing ... all teams were weaker than mine.
    Apologies for posting on a wrong place, you can move the post to Bugs & Tech issues.

    Thank you

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    FTB Team

    Hi Cristi B,

    We're sorry to see you're experiencing this kind of problem. While it is possible to lost to a team with a lower value, it shouldn't happen so often. Can you please confirm if you're checking the tactics you and your opponent have used? That can also have something to do with the results. Please let us know.

    The FTB Team

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    Cristi B

    Hi Brino,

    I haven't checked the tactics, I believe I set mine and that was all. I'll keep an eye on this and let you know in the future.

    Thanks again

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