Champions planet????




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    FTB Team

    Hi @Miguel,

    Just like the previous planets, the Champions planet will also require you to sign your players again if you want to continue improving them to higher levels.

    If you're losing to teams with that many points less than you, you should let us know so that we can look into that. If we're not aware of the issues you're experiencing, we cannot know and, therefore, we cannot fix it.

    Regarding the Planets, if you have any questions about that, please send them in our "Planet Updates" thread, and any technical issues in our "Bugs & Technical Issues" thread.

    - Brino

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    Hi Brino,

    Not long time ago we were told Master would be the ultimate planet. And now a few weeks later we are told there is going to be a new planet. 

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    It can not be that they take out new planets every so often so that we never reach the maximum level, so we keep improving players and buying them again and again. I refuse to pay a third or fourth time for players. In a few months they will remove the manure planet to continue taking the money from us.

    This game is a scam.

    Uninstalling and informing the community.

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    FTB Team

    Hi @Rui and @Miguel,

    I can understand your frustrations. I can assure you that my intentions are not to give you false information, and I was giving you the information that I was provided at that time. Now, it's been decided that 1 more planet will be released to go along with the new features of the game.

    I'm here to help you in any way that I can, so if you have any other questions, please just let me know in the "General Questions" or "Planet Updates" thread.


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    Eder Guilherme

    Gostaria de relatar um problema:
    Em média, é possível de arrecadar apenas 2-3 dias de renovação diariamente, através de trabalhos que demoram longas 12 horas (2 dias de renovação se usar o vídeo promocional diário) e mais 1 dia através de torneios (que permanecem bloqueados por mais de 12 horas após vencê-los).
    Dessa forma, se torna absolutamente impossível manter dias de renovação suficientes para todos os contratados no planeta (bastam apenas 4 jogadores champions no elenco para exceder a arrecadação de dias de contrato diários).
    Não há razão para criar um novo planeta, se não há meios para sustentar os seus jogadores contratados. Com tão pouca oferta de dias de contrato, o planeta está rumo ao fracasso.

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    FTB Team

    Hi Eder Guilherme - We've replied to your other message here:
    The FTB Team

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