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    Hey Greg Zaremski, thanks for contacting us and Poffa, thanks for your answers.

    We had a bank in the past in the game (when you could save your cash) but there is no bank now, you can check your cash and coins at anytime on the header of the screen.

    You can renew players in TRADES > RENEWALS section using:

    1. Free Days (you can get them via Daily Bonus, jobs or tournaments and league prizes).
    2. Renewing directly (for X days) in the list on TRADES > RENEWALS section using cash (regular players) or coins (legendary players).
    3. Offering (other users can improve your offer - this is somewhat similar to auctions - ) cash to renew for X days to your players in the list on TRADES > RENEWALS section.

    There is no paid version but you can become VIP player via subscriptions (you can get more info in the STORE section).


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    hi Greg, I'm trying to answer to your question as far as I know...

    you can check your bank in the main screen' top row or at the bottom of your team general tab

    i think that renewal days can only be earned and not purchased, but you can renew players by cash or coins.

    there's a monthly subscription called VIP in the shop area

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