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    Whoa, I did'nt realize that postings are pending approval; I assumed my post was lost somehow.

    Sorry for that, please delete the shorter one.


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    FTB Team

    Hi @Daak,

    Apologies for the delay! I hadn't seen these in the Pending post page until now. In the forum we have different threads specifically for "General Questions", "General Discussions", "Bugs & Technical Issues" and "Suggestions", among others. This way we can try to keep the forum as organized as possible.

    I'll reply to both of your messages here in this post and remove the rest if you don't mind. In your other post, you mentioned the following:

    "Hi, I (1:2175737) noticed something while playing Barca FM.
    When looking at the results after a game, I see players scoring goals that aren't on the field. Even when they are in training or otherwise unavaible, players are shown scoring in the results.
    This happens in FM Barca and FM Football.

    Do you happen to know when this started happening? Was it after one of the latest app updates?

    Regarding your comments in this post, we don't have any agreemement at the moment with the Chinese league, therefore, we currently cannot add those players in the game and that's why those players are marked as "NO-TEAM". We are working on certain agreements with the CSL, but until we finalize any, we cannot make any changes to that regard.

    We also currently only have the ability to use a couple of the MLS clubs, and that's why we don't have the others. It's not that we don't want to, it's that we haven't yet been able to reach agreements with those clubs.

    Regarding your other questions, the color of the experience, I believe is a visual error. Does that ever appear as a negative number, and do you ever notice your experience value decreasing? It shouldn't, I'm just checking.

    The tactics only influence the league matches, not the rest.



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    Oh, no prob for thr delay.
    I'll check for the proper threads in the future, sry about that.

    Re: No-Players. I was hoping for the Japanese league, at least the clubs that have (former) world-class players.
    But, I understand that you can't add players/clubs without having a license.
    Sad, but that's how it is.

    Re: red/green experience points after matches.
    No, I don't think they are negative, I believe they just have different colors sometimes.
    But I'll watch that.

    Re: Players scoring goals not on the field.

    I dunno exaktly.
    I just downloaded and started playing FM Barca recently, and it has been that way from the start.

    Thanks for the answers,

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    FTB Team


    Thanks for your confirmation. I'll keep an eye out for FC Barcelona to see if I can reproduce the issue you've reported with the inactive and unavailable players scoring goals and I'll let you know if we can find anything.

    - Brino

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