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    Same here, I'm an Olympique Marseille Fantasy Manager and my league has been changing from the third or fourth round then about the eight round and I have been bouncing around from 1st to 2nd to last then to last in different leagues all in the one week, what is going on???

    User Name: Desmondonz

    User ID: 1:132907

    Game: Olympique Marseille Fantasy Manager 2018

    5th Division Master Planet (first attempt since changed to this Planet from World Cup planet)

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    FTB Team

    Hola, @Mac At At,
    Somos conscientes del error y estamos trabajando para solucionarlo lo antes posible. Lo malo es que, debido a lo que pasó, no podemos recuperar los datos anteriores, pero estamos trabajando para solucionarlo lo antes posible para que no vuelva a ocurrir. Por el inconveniente, te he sumado una recompensa de coins en tu cuenta. De nuevo, sentimos el inconveniente. Veo que lo has hecho también, pero para futuros problemas técnicos, ¿te importaría enviarlos en el hilo de "Bugs & Technical Issues" para que podamos mantener el foro tan organizado como sea posible? ¡Muchas gracias!

    We're aware of the issue and we're working to resolve it as soon as possible. Due to the issue, we're unable to recover the previous data, however, we are working to ensure that it doesn't happen again in the next leagues. For the inconvenience, we've added a reward of coins in your account. We again apologize for the inconvenience. For any future technical issues you may experience, please kindly send them in our "Bugs & Technical Issues" thread so that we can keep the forum as organized as possible. Thanks!

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    Hey thanx Brino, I would rather that I got promoted as I did not lose a single game the whole round of the league yet I still finished up in 4th place. How was this not a fault of my own am I able to be promoted please to the 4th division?

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    FTB Team


    I understand. I've made the change now in your account. Can you please let me know if you're now in the correct division?

    - Brino

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