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    FTB Team

    Hey @Adamfvickers,

    Sure! If your accounts were linked to FTB Account, all you have to do is select the FTB Account option on the main screen and enter your FTB Account details. The only one that I'd need to help you with manually is Liverpool because it doesn't have the FTB Accoun option, unless you have it linked to Facebook, in which case you'd only need to select the Facebook option on the main screen.

    In the NBA Game, you want to avoid selectiong "Anonymous account" and in the Fantasy Manager games, you want to avoid selecting the "Guest account". Those options will create brand new accounts.

    Also, for questions like this, please kindly try to send them in our "General Questions" thread so that we can keep all question-related issues together. 

    Let me know if you need any further assistance,

    - Brino

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