Cant login to facebook




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    Valderrama (Forum Moderator)

    Hi @Diwash

    Have you ever logged with your facebook account before in Real Madrid Fantasy Manager. Try to connect too from More -> My Account

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    FTB Team

    Hi @Unusualthrust

    The reason you're receiving that message is because you probably created a brand new account somehow and, from within a new account, it's not possible to recover a different one. What you have to do, from your new account, is go to the section "More > My account > More > Delete account". 

    Once you've done that, on the main screen, you need to select "Account access > Facebook Connect" and that should take you to your previous account.

    Please let me know if that doesn't help. Also, for any further technical issues you may experience, please send them in our "Bugs & Technical Issues" thread so we can keep everything bug-related in the same place. Thanks! :)

    - Brino

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