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    Hi @James,

    I understand what you're saying and I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. I've shared everything with the team so that they can be aware of how you feel and take it into account. 

    Regarding the older forum, I agree that it was a good thing to have the private messages, however, in this forum, it's a lot better in terms of being able to provide you guys with better support. The other forum was external and wasn't part of our Support platform, whereas this one is and we get notified everytime we receive messages. It allows us to find your messages easier which, before, we could have missed a bunch of messages if we weren't careful enough. I do understand how you feel, but it's not something that we decided to remove. Unfortunately, in this forum, since it's from Zendesk, they don't have this possibility implemented into the Community forum. I'll see if they can take this as a suggestion for the future.

    If you don't mind, please send messages like this in the "General Discussions" thread, though, so we can keep these kinds of messages together. If you have any suggestions for the team, please share them in our "Suggestions" thread.

    - Brino

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