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    Hi. Everytime i watch an add in Player improvement the time stays the same instead of half for the training to complete. i.e. 3days. Stay 3 days instead of 1day and 12h as usually. Issue is since this weekend. Fan code 1xFraJTUpB.

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    FTB Team

    Hi @Pradeepkm81,

    Are you referring to Be a Legend Football or our game Fantasy Manager Football? Keep in mind that they're 2 different games. Please write about Fantasy Manager in our corresponding forum here. Thanks!

    The FTB Team

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    Young Choi

    Hi, I am playing Liverpool Fantasy Manager. I am got getting total win points for Liverpool April Superleague. I got win points and consecutive win point but not total win points. Please fix and update missed points, please.

    Fan code: 1x5bdfmorS
    ID: KanCHOI

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    FTB Team

    Hi @Young Choi - Please note that this forum is for a different game. For Fantasy Manager, please use the following thread in our Fantasy Manager Football forum: "Bugs & Technical Issues".

    This issue with the points has already been resolved.

    The FTB Team

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    I paid for a package yesterday (on Be a Legend) because your game told me that any purchase would remove the ads. I really like not having to see ads every 20 seconds so I took the chance to get a quick start to the game and remove the ads. Unfortunately that only lasted for a few hours as I keep getting ads during my matches and it's ruining my experience.

    Also my the text boxes don't allow me to see what is being typed in any of the support fields. Finally your support tab in game is bugged and won't allow me to complete the action which is why I am here.

    Id: 3690107
    Fan; 005feubd

    Please fix.

    Thank you,


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    FTB Team

    Hi @Nfurger -- Since you also contacted us through our Support platform and we had already replied, please kindly continue to write to us there so we can avoid handling this twice and we'll resolve this all for you as soon as possible.

    We're also going to check into the support tab now.

    The FTB Team

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